What we do

Our event which will take place at Victory Service club (Marble Arch London) in June 2022 will discuss the causes of women’s poverty in the DRC and to find ways and means to eradicate the scourge of poverty from which Congolese women suffer terribly and that in a sustainable manner.

We work in England, Wales and DR of Congo

For security reason we cannot give names of two migrants women and their dependants that we helped during Covid. We helped them get out of domestic violence and abuse partners. We reported their cases to the police, the Home Office and Refugees council, which all worked together to reallocate them and put them to safety and restricted their abusers not to get near them. Now they live in safety and in secret locations.


Our goal is the integration of migrant women in the society so they may contribute to the development of their host country instead of remaining eternal dependants.   

We help with translation, advocacy, job search, CVs and others.
 From Manchester to London - we help them individually. In Coventry we help them in group. We also provide necessities such as pads, kids nappies, hand sanitisers, women’s underwear, toothbrushes, vouchers to get winter clothes for the kids and others. Most recently for example, we gave Primark vouchers to the refugees’ women of the Appledore Lodge Homes in Coventry as their children lacked winter clothes and blankets. We also help liaising with partner organisations such as Refugees council and others.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo: Our goal is to relieve poverty among Congo rural women so they may change themselves and their communities and may become financially independent and become a force of change in the country. We support 236 rural women in the DRC (Kinshasa and Mbuji-Mayi regions in the DRC). We provide them with money for business, money for seed, tools such as hoes, water cans, water boots, farmers caps, rakes and others – we want to give them the opportunity to embark on an empowerment journey; a journey to become financially independent, to gain the confidence, skills and knowledge they need to reach their full potential as agents of sustainable development goals.

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