Our mission (In England and the DRCONGO)

Is to improve the living conditions of...

Migrant and Congo women within the diaspora by:

  • providing guidance, advice, translation, advocacy, skills and necessities such as hygienic pads and nappies.

Is to empower women in the DRC

  • through the promotion and protection of gender equality and women’s rights.

Is to empower Congo rural women by: 

  • strengthening their capacities in agriculture, farming, fishing, trading, food security, nutrition, and the raising of livestock and poultry and other income-generating activities.
  • providing numeracy and literacy classes 
  • promoting hygiene, clean water, sanitation and conservation of nature as a living space for man

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We claim rural areas with equal opportunities for all

Congo rural women and girls are at the heart of communities, and they make substantial contribution to the country agricultural production, food security and nutrition, land and natural resource management, and building climate resilience.

But they don’t always have equal opportunities as men. They lack equal access to productive resources and assets, public services, such as education and health care, and infrastructure, including water and sanitation, while much of their labour remains invisible and unpaid, even as their workloads become increasingly heavy due to the out-migration of men. Our mission is to give rural women the opportunity to credit, modern agriculture and farm.

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The objects of the Charitable Organisation which are for the public benefit, are specifically restricted to the following:


Relieve poverty among women migrants & refugees

To relieve poverty among women migrants (women refugees, asylum seekers and migrants) and their dependants especially those of African descent living in England and Wales by providing interpreting, translating, advocacy, health, housing, welfare benefits and interview techniques advice.


Advance in life and help the disadvantaged women and girls

To advance in life and help socially and economically disadvantaged women and girls in rural areas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo) through: providing support and activities which develop their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals.


Promote equality and diversity & eliminate gender discrimination

Promote equality and diversity and eliminate gender discrimination for the public benefit including (but without limitation) by raising awareness of all aspects of discrimination in society by publications, lectures, use of the media, public advocacy and various other means of communication.

As a charity we want to play our part in the Ukrainian emergency crisis.

We are raising money to connect with migrants trying to leave Ukraine and get them where they want to go. 

We want to help as much or as little as we can. Your donations will help get a family on the train or reallocate them. Most of those who immigrated to Ukraine are still stuck in the country, and the majority are students, women and children trying to get their governments to act and get them to safety, but they have not succeeded so far. 

They need to get to Medyka (the Ukrainian and Poland Border) or the borders of Romania, Moldova and Germany to get in touch with their embassies.

We work with volunteers in Medyka to identify those indeed of train tickets. Together, we are a community of support for those fleeing the war in Ukraine. We all want to help as quickly as possible.

Please donate what you can now!